Cécile Denis



Name: Cécile Denis
Occupation: Examiner for polymers
Location: The Hague
Nationality: French

"My background in polymer chemistry is a perfect fit for my technical field at the EPO. And I really enjoy the variety of tasks that I perform every day.

The best part about my work is that it's diverse, and it's a mixture of law and science together with the languages involved. All combined together, it's great fun."


My name is Cécile Denis. I'm French. I'm 39 years old and I've got two little children.

I studied in France and then I went to Amsterdam to work in a lab for three years. Then I wanted a change. I didn't want to be in a lab any more. I like to analyse documents, so I came to the Office. I knew a friend of a friend who was working at the Office who could explain the job to me, and it sounded nice. So then I applied and here I am.

I work in the field of rubbers, so I receive the patents of Goodyear, Michelin, Bridgestone. I'm doing search, examination and opposition and I really enjoy the variety of tasks that I have to do every day. It's diverse and I like to think it's a mixture of law, technology, the three languages. There's everything combined and I find it great fun.

I work on my own most of the time but when we have to make decisions I can consult my peers. I can work part-time to enjoy my family, my two children, and do some sport at the same time. We work a lot, but it can also be ... it's a relaxed atmosphere. You've got lots of clubs at the Office. I think there are something like 30 clubs where you can do all sorts of things. I like the fact that people here are really open, because they worked in different parts of Europe before coming here. They are open to every culture and they always want to know about your country. That's what I like.