Dagmar Bobkova


Name: Dagmar Bobkova
Occupation: Examiner for organic chemistry
Location: Munich
Nationality: Czech

"What I like most about work at the EPO is that you receive the newest and latest information in your field. You always keep in touch with the latest developments.

Living and working in Munich is also very nice. I've always wanted to live abroad and experience a new atmosphere, also meet a new international set of people."


Hi. I'm Dagmar. I'm from the Czech Republic, from Prague. I'm 30 years old and I started at the EPO last year in June. I'm an examiner for chemistry, for organic chemistry. I'm working on files which are more genetic, or which have a genetic background.

I received a training for examiners at the beginning, which lasted seven weeks. You then get other short periods of training. Then I did a language course, because we need all three languages.

I think the job is very challenging. You are working with the newest or latest information from your field. So you can always keep up to date and stay in touch with developments, which is very interesting.

So I'll definitely stay at the EPO because I like this job very much. I think it was the right decision to come here. I always wanted to work abroad, to experience a new atmosphere, to get to know new people, to be in touch with them, and it's really the best opportunity to do that because the EPO is so huge, with so many nationalities, so many countries. I like it.