Meet Jonas Kling


Name: Jonas Kling
Occupation: Examiner for computer sciences
Location: Munich
Nationality: Swedish

"I love working in the information technology sector because it's a quickly developing field and it's where most of the fun is. My particular field is gaming machines. It's a huge field, especially in the US. There are a lot of innovations and new ideas here.

The EPO is a very interesting organisation providing a very international work environment. The location in Munich is very attractive."


My name is Jonas Kling. I'm Swedish. I'm 33 years old and I came to Munich 2002. I have a double masters degree in Engineering Physics and in Applied Mathematics. I'm very interested in technology and especially in IT. Well, it's a very fast-developing field and it's also where you have most of the fun, I guess.

Gaming machines is a huge field, especially in the US. Here in Europe it's not that big, but there are a lot of innovations and ideas in the field. It's also sometimes a little bit tricky because of the legal position or the legal differences between the US and the European system.

It's a very international environment and also the location of Munich is very attractive. It's very close to the mountains - I love skiing - and it's also in the middle of Europe, at least if you come from Sweden! It's a very healthy balance, I would say. Working at the Office gives you the possibility to have a very varied leisure time where you can do a lot of different activities.

With 33 years old it's too early to say if I will stay here for the rest of my life, but I will stay another few years for sure.