João Raposo Pires


Name: João Raposo Pires
Occupation: Examiner for telecommunications
Location: The Hague
Nationality: Portuguese

"My work as an examiner at the EPO is a continuation of what I did at my previous job, namely working on security applications in telecom. At first I was expecting it to be strongly focussed on legal aspects because of the patents. But now I feel the balance is ideal, and I can still develop my skills as an engineer.

Living and working in The Hague is nice. It's a city with lots of parks and cultural activities, like the annual jazz festival. It is close to Amsterdam and the connections are very good. I'm very happy to live here."


My name is Joao Pires. I'm 37 years old. I come from Portugal, from Lisbon and I started my work at the EPO in December 2002.

My technical field now is telecom. It's a very interesting field for me. In my previous job I was also working with security applications, so it's kind of a continuation of what I did before.

I expected something more related to law, because of the patents, and I expected less in my technical field, but now I feel it's quite reasonable because I can still develop my capabilities as an engineer. Of course you have to understand the languages and be good at communicating with people. You can feel comfortable if you are good at your field, I think it's good.

The Hague is quiet. It's a quiet city, very friendly, lots of parks and, well, it's close to Amsterdam; the connections are very good, so I think it's a good place to live. I'm very happy to live here.