Building Services Manager (21503)

With responsibility for construction projects, facility services and building management as well as language services, Principal Directorate, General Administration (PD 4.4) plays a leading role in the preservation of and investment in the Office's patrimony. It is entrusted with planning and overseeing priority building works, ensuring compliance with health and safety standards and reducing the Office's environmental footprint. It breathes life into the new ways of working concept by shaping the working environments for staff.


PD General Administration's Technical Services teams are responsible for all building-related operational activities, ensuring that the technical installations benefit from scrupulous maintenance. Your background and proven expertise in building administration will add critical skills and bring profound technical knowledge to our team and help us improve building maintenance.


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With us you will:


▪ onboard external operational staff, co-ordinate building operations daily business and ensure proper communication

▪ ensure fulfilment of maintenance work while making optimal use of buildings, meeting legal requirements and limiting impact on staff performance

▪ ensure facility and site access

▪ monitor technical requirements and intervals for maintenance services as well as inspection of technical equipment based on current building documentation

▪ control external provider duty fulfilment and ensure that services are provided in accordance with contractual terms and at the appropriate level of quality and timeliness

▪ regularly provide reports to external providers and monitor rectifications where appropriate

▪ ensure proper course of action in the event of accidents, major damage and emergencies

▪ perform spot checks required for ISO certifications


Apply if you have:


▪ relevant experience in a function linked to technical maintenance of buildings (e.g. in the area of building management, HVAC and high- and low-voltage systems)

▪ the ability to work under pressure while maintaining a high level of quality

▪ strong communication and team-working skills, with the ability to interact effectively with colleagues ▪ enthusiasm, motivation, and the ability to adapt to changing priorities

▪ the ability to quickly become familiar with new fields of work and new tools

▪ a strong sense of responsibility and a service-oriented approach

▪ integrity in handling sensitive information and an understanding of the need for confidentiality

▪ a flexible approach to supporting others and to deputising


Our minimum requirements for this post


▪ a bachelor’s degree or – in exceptional cases – equivalent professional experience

working knowledge of two of the Office’s three official languages (English, French and German)

citizenship of one of the member states of the European Patent Organisation




The successful candidate will be selected on the basis of qualifications, competencies, professional experience and language knowledge, supplemented as appropriate by interviews, tests and/or a personality questionnaire.
A reserve list may be constituted, should more candidates than required at this time be considered suitable following the selection procedure. Such reserve lists are valid for 18 months and reserve list candidates may be contacted, should a vacancy with substantially the same profile arise during that period.
More information on how we recruit can be found on our EPO jobs and careers site.



Key information

Job group: 5

Grade: G7 to G9 (net basic) monthly salary* for this vacancy: EUR 6 459 to 8 345, depending on experinece and location)

Duration of appointment: five years

Career path: Technical 

Location: The Hague/Munich 

Application deadline: 09.06.2023

Interviews planned for: 26.06.2023 - 07.07.2023


* after deduction of EPO-internal tax and before deduction of staff contributions to the social security and pension schemes.

We welcome all applications for vacant positions. We consider each on its professional merits – regardless of your nationality, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, parental responsibilities, age, religion or belief.



Why join us?
✓ Be part of the EPO`s transformation and enable innovation
✓ Work with inspiring people from a variety of cultures
✓ Develop yourself and take on an intellectual challenge

What's in it for you?
✓ A competitive salary
✓ Family-friendly benefits
✓ A good work-life balance
✓ Generous flexibility options 
✓ Relocation benefits and various allowances
✓ Contributory medical insurance and pension schemes
✓ 30 days' leave per year
✓ Free gym access
✓ Social activities and clubs

Who we are
We are the patent office for Europe. We are proud to deliver high-quality patents and efficient services that foster innovation, competitiveness and economic growth.

Our vision
We will empower and motivate our staff to set worldwide standards in intellectual property. Our Office will be effective and transparent, respond to the needs of our users and be agile in managing the changing demands and conditions of a dynamic global patent system. Our work will contribute to a safer, smarter and more sustainable world.

Our values
All our relationships within our Office and with partners around the world will prosper through trust, fairness, mutual respect, adaptability, collaboration and a commitment to excellence.

Our work environment
We believe that diversity is fundamental to our success. Our inclusive work environment respects, values and celebrates our individual differences. We want you to be yourself at work.Join us on this exciting journey to a more digital, collaborative and sustainable organisation.

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