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Are you a legal enthusiast with a talent for challenges on an international level? If so, we would love to hear from you.

We are looking for lawyers with an agile mindset and commitment to their own professional development, who are open to the challenge of working in new / different legal areas, to join our talent pool for lawyers!

What is in for you:

✓ the opportunity to acquire a deep understanding and valuable experience on a broad range of legal issues
✓ a challenging and highly rewarding environment
✓ a diverse, committed and collaborative team of dedicated professionals from all over Europe

Sounds interesting? Explore our legal fields:

PD Employment Law and Social Dialogue Advice
The Principal Directorate Employment Law and Social Dialogue Advice is dedicated to fostering a culture of dialogue and ensuring sound administration of justice. The team plays a pivotal role in advising decision-makers on employment law topics, including pension and remuneration as well as social dialogue. It is responsible for driving amicable settlements, representing the EPO in litigation.

Appeals Committee Secretariat
The Directorate Appeals Committee Secretariat provides case management and legal support to the Appeals Committee, a functionally independent advisory body providing staff, former staff and their legal successors with the opportunity to appeal against employment related decisions. The Secretariat also supports the Chair and Vice-Chairs of the Appeals Committee's efforts to resolve disputes amicably by negotiation or mediation.

Data Protection Office
The Data Protection Office provides legal advice to all EPO organisational units and statutory bodies, as well as to individuals, on matters related to the protection of personal data at the EPO. It plays a central role in monitoring the compliance with the Data Protection Rules and ensuring transparency and accountability in the processing of the personal data by the Office in all its internal and external relationships. Its tasks are pivotal to foster a human-centric, sustainable and socially responsible approach in the ongoing digital transformation.

PD Legal Affairs
Principal Directorate Legal Affairs comprises the following two directorates: 

  • Directorate Patent Developments and IP Lab contributes to the development of legal policy orientations and solutions for shaping the international and European patent system and related areas of law, including legal policy on the Unitary Patent, new emerging technologies, such as AI, green tech, or genomics, the interaction between patents and standards, or the Office’s fees and SME support policies. It also contributes to the EPO’s cooperation agenda by facilitating the legal negotiation and implementation of patent-related cooperation agreements and promoting the convergence and harmonisation of patent law and practice at global and European level.
  • Directorate Institutional and Contract Law provides legal support on a broad range of legal issues to the services of the European Patent Office, the Administrative Council and the Organisation's other governing bodies. It also regularly advises on complex matters under national law pertaining to, inter alia, social security, visa matters or taxation. In addition, the Directorate is also tasked with safeguarding and defending the legal interests and assets of the Office. Finally, it also supports the Office's procurement activities and is responsible for the legal administration and management of the portfolio of intangible assets of the Office.

PD Patent Law and Procedures
The Principal Directorate Patent Law and Procedures supports the EPO’s core business in the patent granting process and caters for legal quality in patent law and procedures when it comes to the implementation of the European Patent Convention, Patent Cooperation Treaty and legal framework for the Unitary Patent related tasks of the EPO. In addition to the practice orientated support, it provides guidance to internal and external stakeholders, and is responsible for the development of the relevant legal framework and procedures.

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