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Employment Law and ​​​​​​​Social Dialogue Advice/Appeals Committee Secretariat

Employment Law and Social Dialogue Advice

The Principal Directorate (PD) Employment Law and Social Dialogue Advice is under the direct responsibility of the President of the EPO.  

The Principal Directorate’s role is to promote a culture of dialogue and sound administration of justice, through an increased focus on prevention. The PD provides management and business units with prompt, personal and professional support, gives advice on employment law and social dialogue to EPO management and decision-makers and contributes to leading projects. Other responsibilities of the principal directorate include pursuing and facilitating amicable settlements to support the move from a litigation-oriented culture to a culture of dialogue, and representing the EPO in litigation and other administrative procedures (e.g. disciplinary and incompetence proceedings).

With us you will:

  • advise on the implementation of the EPO's employment-related legal framework and contribute to its development by drafting statutory provisions and related regulations
  • advise top management on new policies and reform projects as well as on social dialogue topics (including preparation for meetings with staff representatives and unions)
  • contribute to early dispute resolution and participate in the amicable settlement of ongoing disputes
  • draft submissions in proceedings before the Appraisals Committee, Appeals Committee, Disciplinary Committee, Joint Committee, and Administrative Tribunal of the International Labour Organization, make oral pleadings when required, as well as draft final decisions
  • provide legal support and expertise to various departments on: operations and allowances, services to management and business areas, case management 

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Appeals Committee Secretariat

The Directorate Appeals Committee Secretariat provides administrative, operational and legal support to the Appeals Committee, an internal advisory body that carries out peer reviews of employment law decisions in accordance with fair trial principles. The chambers of the Appeals Committee issue opinions making recommendations for a final decision by the President of the EPO or the Administrative Council. They are presided over by the external chair or a vice-chair and are composed of staff in active employment and, for appeals against decisions of the Administrative Council, external members appointed by the Administrative Council.

With us you will:

  • provide legal briefs, memos or other studies on questions of international civil service law relevant to the work of the Appeals Committee, including analyses of judgments of international tribunals, courts and other similar entities
  • draft documents for discussion by the Appeals Committee members
  • draft internal notes and opinions for the Appeals Committee
  • correspond with parties to appeal proceedings orally and in writing
  • co-ordinate, administer and participate in hearings and internal discussions of the Appeals Committee
  • provide legal and administrative support for amicable solutions in dispute resolution
  • conduct outreach and other communication activities
  • carry out other related tasks and activities of the Appeals Committee Secretariat

While the Appeals Committee's working language is English, the Secretariat has lawyers capable of operating in German and French who are jurists or qualified to practice law in a range of European jurisdictions. Many have broad experience working in other international organisations. The Secretariat's lawyers are given significant individual responsibility for handling their cases and interact directly with all members of the Appeals Committee.

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