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Economics & Finance Departments (2021/2022)

Check out the departments which are participating in the Pan-European Seal Programme 2021/2022 and let us know your preference when applying:

Portfolio Management
This department manages investments for the EPO's reserve funds. As trainee in this department, you will create a database of indirect investments, including performance and possible ESG screening data.

Procurement Team Automation
This department is responsible for purchasing IT equipment and services. You will help create requests for quotations, collect, analyse and select bids, and prepare purchase orders. You will also work on projects to increase data quality inside and outside SAP.

Central Procurement
his unit assists the specialist departments in searching for innovative solutions on the market in compliance with the applicable rules. You will provide assistance with operational and strategic projects, analyse best practices, perform market studies, search and analyse data for statistics and collaborate on the drafting of reports and studies.

Procurement Team Corporate Area
This department is responsible for corporate procurement (buildings, facility management, HR, finance, communications, legal services). You will assist in all areas of market analysis, social media marketing, spend analysis, supplier engagement, sourcing, pricing and tendering. Going forward, the focus will be on the implementation of e-procurement solutions.

Finance Centre of Excellence
The Finance Advisory Services directorate supports the Finance and Procurement departments in all activities related to the continuous improvement of processes and the organisation.
In the Finance Centre of Excellence department, you will gain insight into corporate transformation, learn about the specific challenges of modernising an international organisation's financial strategy and become acquainted with financial processes based on the latest ERP (SAP S/4HANA).

Financial Planning and Budget
The Financial Planning and Budget department's responsibilities include drawing up the EPO's budget and financial impact simulations. You will gain insight into the process of building a budget for an international organisation, data modelling and financial impact scenarios.

Budget Implementation and Compliance
This department works with budget holders on all matters relating to budget execution. Its primary responsibilities include providing financial opinions and ensuring compliance with financial regulations. You will help to analyse the financial impact of specific projects, gain insight into the EPO budget cycle and translate abstract concepts into concrete tools/processes to support the achievement of the strategic goals.

Event Logistics
The Events Logistics department is responsible for conducting all activities related to patent events at the EPO to disseminate information to a variety of external stakeholders as well as to improve networking opportunities and facilitate learning. This unit organises training sessions, seminars, webinars, conferences, workshops, etc. As a trainee in this department, you will be involved in planning, financial administration, marketing and promotion, logistics, registration and fee administration.