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Human Resources & Business Administration Departments (2021/2022)

Check out the departments which are participating in the Pan-European Seal Programme 2021/2022 and let us know your preference when applying:

Talent Architecture
The Talent Architecture department's mission is to develop an agile strategic talent management approach, thereby supporting the EPO's transition to a learning organisation in a collaborative dynamic environment. In your role as trainee, you will assist in the establishment of a skills management framework to drive the talent management strategy as well as in a review of the EPO's performance management approach.

Talent Acquisition
This department develops the EPO's talent acquisition strategy to ensure a diverse workforce and attract and select the best talent from across Europe. You will support the team throughout the process of identifying, actively sourcing, pipelining and recruiting candidates, and your duties will include logistical, organisational and administrative work. You will help to organise virtual job fairs and to onboard the new intake of trainees.

EPO Talent Academy Operations
Since 2018, this department has been implementing a transformation process to modernise the approach to learning at the EPO. The department's objective is to provide staff members with flexible options for learning via different platforms and methods while supporting them in the development of functional, soft or leadership skills.
Your role as trainee will be to support the rollout of the new SuccessFactors learning management system. You will also help to create advance reporting capabilities on learning objectives and help to optimise the user-friendly presentation of training material in the new learning platform catalogue to facilitate its use by EPO staff members.

VP 4 Office
Are you interested in gaining unique insight into the dynamics of Vice-President Corporate Services' management office? This area covers the following portfolio: Finance, People, Corporate Policies, General Administration and Business Information Technology. As a trainee, you will be involved in co-ordinating projects and initiatives as well as assisting in the management of decision and approval workflows. You will also help to draft documents, briefings, presentations, analyses and reports.

Corporate Policies
The Principal Directorate Corporate Policies comprises the following areas: Compensation and Benefits, Employment Law, and Workforce Planning and Employee Policies. As a trainee in the area of Corporate Policies, you will support major projects focusing on diversity and inclusion. You will also gain insight into HR policy development.

This unit provides interpreting services for the EPO and the Boards of Appeal. As a trainee in this unit, you will be involved in the pilot project for the development of simultaneous remote interpreting as a new standard in international organisations.

EPO Talent Academy Design
The EPO Talent Academy Design department was set up to develop concepts and development programmes for EPO employees, to manage a variety of learning channels and to promote talent development within the EPO. As a trainee in this department, you will maintain an online learning platform, communicate and engage with learner communities and help course-material drafters and instructors to modernise course content and deliver training in an engaging manner.

Conflict Resolution Unit (within the Ombuds Office)
The Conflict Resolution Unit provides services for EPO staff with the objective of ensuring good workplace relationships. It promotes a collaborative working environment in which conflicts are resolved as quickly as possible, accountability for decision-making is reinforced and constructive dialogue is promoted. As a trainee in this unit, you will implement a client feedback system and gain insight into the conflict resolution framework of an international organisation by supporting the recently created Ombuds Office.

HR Business Partners
Recruit. Support. Develop. Repeat... the HR business partners are the first point of contact for line managers in HR matters. Acting as trusted advisors, HR business partners help the business units and leadership team to drive performance and change, improve organisational capability and embody a culture of constructive feedback and inclusion. Are you a people-enthusiast who is passionate about HR and ready to make a difference? Join us and help support the HR business partners.

Wellbeing and engagement
This department consists of the following units: HR Business Partners, HR Interlocutors and Wellbeing and engagement. As a trainee in this department, you will assist on strategic projects run by the department's director and support the Wellbeing and engagement team. You will contribute to the organisation's performance and long-term sustainability by implementing projects to boost staff engagement and wellbeing.

Conference and Space Management Munich
The Conference and Space Management Munich department is one of the central players in the Facility Management directorate. The department's responsibilities include providing high quality, ergonomic furniture for some 2 000 staff, accommodation planning for departments or entire buildings and assisting with and executing removals. As a trainee in this department, you will be involved in implementing the "new normal", i.e. supporting new teleworking solutions and developing new working landscapes within the office buildings.

Didactics and Databases
This department is in charge of the EPO's e-learning portfolio for external audiences. It works on a range of materials, providing a structure for content, graphic design and media support. You will contribute to courses, collect user feedback, maintain the repository of media elements and, wherever possible, edit digital content.

Continuous Knowledge Transfer
The main goal of the CKT process is to promote a culture of knowledge sharing at the EPO by providing appropriate tools and services for the creation of a continuous learning environment. You will be involved in the daily operations of the CKT team, including integration of knowledge-management software.