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International Relations & Communication Departments (2021/2022)

Check out the departments which are participating in the Pan-European Seal Programme 2021/2022 and let us know your preference when applying:

Communication – Channel Management
In this department, you will gain insight into how a wide range of communication channels work – from social media and online platforms, to events through to audio-visual and print media. You will do so in a corporate environment targeting a wide audience.

Communication – Content Creation
This department is responsible for all corporate communications at the EPO, including at strategic events. It also oversees the development and protection of the EPO's corporate culture, its corporate reputation and an inspiring corporate brand. As a trainee here, you will participate in the management of communications campaigns across a series of subjects ranging from patents and international relations to corporate communications and sustainability.

Examining area – Information and Communications Technology
This sector is in charge of the patent granting process within the field of information and communications technology. As a trainee here, you will help to establish the management communications function. You will assist in the creation of a framework for multidimensional exchanges and communication flows between and across the levels of the organisation.

EPO Talent Academy
Since 2018, this department has been implementing a transformation process to modernise the approach to learning at the EPO. The department's objective is to provide staff members with flexible options for learning via different platforms and methods while supporting them in the development of functional, soft or leadership skills.
As a trainee in this department, you will assist in the creation of e-learning modules and in the design and deployment of communications and marketing activities related to talent development.

CIO/CTO Office
These units provide advice and support in various areas such as internal communications, change management, knowledge sharing and user engagement, as well as on HR and budget matters.
You will become acquainted with the specifics of internal communications strategy within an international organisation and develop quick operational reaction based on communication needs in the area.

Advisory Services
Among other things, this department is responsible for assisting the Language and Document Services directorate in developing a functional design for its automation needs in order to support the delivery of translations, interpretation, editing and other language-related services. You will assist in the analysis of processes and develop optimisation strategies  to streamline procedures using state-of-the-art technology while taking user needs into account. Specifically, you will gain insight into language editing (review of texts written by non-native writers) workflow, collect requirements for identifying new streamlined tools and follow up on project implementation.

International Co-operation
This department is the focal point of the EPO in terms of institutional relations. It serves as a one-stop shop for interaction with national and regional IP offices outside the member states as well as with international organisations such as WIPO, and user associations at European and world levels. As a trainee, you will assist in researching, drafting and updating briefings on regions, countries and institutions. You may also be involved in legal research on specific IP topics. This is a unique opportunity to meet and interact with a broad spectrum of nationalities and cultures.

European Co-operation
The European Co-operation directorate co-ordinates the design and implementation of co-operation initiatives between the EPO and its member states.
As trainee here, you will be involved in project initiation and planning, concept development and organisational activities related to co-operation activities with external stakeholders, related communication with specific EPO units, document drafting, preparation of meeting documentation, compiling meeting and visit files, reviews, research on specific IP topics, monitoring and reporting.

Patent Academy and EQE – Institutional Strengthening
This area designs IP training material for national patent offices. In this area, you will be involved in the design and implementation of training catalogues for staff of national patent offices.

Council Secretariat
The secretariat is responsible for organising and co-ordinating the operations of the Administrative Council and its bodies. This includes event management, document processing, document drafting on behalf of chairpersons, assisting and advising the chairpersons on organisation and procedure, drawing up agendas and taking minutes. You will be involved in an e-conferencing project, a risk assessment project, as well as a quality certification project with focus on Council procedures and data protection aspects.

Examining area – Healthcare, Biotechnology and Chemistry
This sector is responsible for the patent granting process within the field of healthcare, biotechnology and chemistry. As a trainee here, you will be involved in co-operation with the European Patent Academy. You will assist in addressing the training needs in the areas of IP strategy and the management of existing and prospective users of the patent system, i.e. innovators. You will be also involved in topics such as IP commercialisation.