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Science & Engineering (including IT) Departments (2021/2022)

Check out the departments which are participating in the Pan-European Seal Programme 2021/2022 and let us know your preference when applying:

Patent Granting Process

Patent granting is at the heart of protecting intellectual property, supporting technological development and fostering innovation. The people who decide whether to grant European patents are our examiners – scientists and engineers working at the interface between the technical and legal aspects of innovation.

You will work with an experienced examiner who will guide you through the patent grant procedure. You will also gain an understanding of patent law, international procedures and intellectual property rights.

We are looking for trainees with expertise in the following areas:

Mobility and Mechatronics

  • Aeronautics
  • Navigation systems
  • Hydraulics
  • Measuring & testing instruments
  • Building materials
  • Packaging machinery
  • Photo-reproduction

Healthcare, Biotechnology and Chemistry

  • Polymers
  • Food technology
  • Chemical compounds
  • Pharmaceutical compositions and cosmetics
  • Molecular diagnostics
  • Microbiology, plant biology, synthetic biology
  • Gene and cell therapy
  • Medical mechanical engineering
  • Electronic engineering for medical devices
  • Healthcare informatics

Information and Communications Technology

  • Network and communication security, computer security, cryptography
  • Software engineering
  • Computer engineering

Corporate areas

We are also looking for trainees with expertise in the areas listed below.

Chief Economist Unit
The mission of the Chief Economist Unit is to provide high-level expertise and analysis and to foster well-informed policy debate on issues relating to patents, innovation, technology trends and economic growth. The unit carries out studies to analyse innovation trends, how patents are used and their economic impact. You will work on the development of the unit's data-related projects, with a main focus on new emerging technologies and applicant analysis.

Continuous Knowledge Transfer
The main goal of the CKT process is to promote a culture of knowledge sharing at the EPO by providing appropriate tools and services for the creation of a continuous learning environment. You will be involved in the daily operations of the CKT team, including integration of knowledge-management software.

Planning and Construction
This directorate steers projects under the EPO's building investment programme, managing budgets, schedules and quality requirements. You will contribute to work on contracts, processes and tools and assist in the pre-design phase.

Information Security
This department ensures that EPO staff can safely use its IT infrastructure. This includes ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data, server and network infrastructure. You will support the Identity and Management Team in improving and modernising the processes governing the authentication and authorisation of EPO employees and customers, including investigating and assessing alternative authentication methods.

General Administration
This unit provides office-wide services in the areas of buildings, technical installations, facility management, language and document services. You will assist on projects contributing to environmental sustainability (reduce paper consumption, reduce EPO environmental footprint, environmental policy, green information and communication technology).

Talent Academy Design
The EPO Talent Academy Design department was set up to devise concepts and development programmes for EPO employees, to manage a variety of learning channels and to promote talent development within the EPO. You will assist in the design of state-of-the-art interactive e-learning modules using AI and gamification for patent examiners and formalities officers.

Service Desk, Incident and Problem Management
The Service Desk, Incident and Problem Management department is the single point of contact service desk for internal users and external customers, providing expert support for all programs used at the EPO to perform patent classification, search and examination. You will be involved in the automation of manual processes (data formatting and transfer, generation of statistics, graphic representations).

Infrastructure Operations
This department is responsible for providing a stable and secure modern IT infrastructure 24/7, 365 days a year. This involves capacity management to ensure timely delivery of all projects, managing the main infrastructure contracts for servers and storage as well as for new cloud-based solutions. You will work on optimising core EPO applications.

Facility Management
This department is responsible for facility services in Munich, such as space management, conference services, event management and logistics services. You will support service digitalisation using, in particular, artificial intelligence and space management software tools.

CTO Office
CTO Office advices and supports the Chief Information Officer and the Chief Technology Officer in areas related to business information technology , internal communication, overall vision and roadmapping. You will assist on a number of projects to:

  • analyse stop words and stop phrases in patent documents and their impact on downstream AI applications
  • investigate new ways to graphically visualise patent search results to allow exploration and navigation beyond the static representation of data
  • study the detection of hyponyms and hypernyms in patents (claims) to assess the possibility of performing automatic novelty analysis of the type "specific vs generic".

Examining area – Team Optics 
This department is in charge of the patent granting process within the field of lens designs. To achieve high-quality work, it uses powerful in-house calculation tools to compare the claimed parameters with the prior-art documents. You will support us in this mission and gain knowledge in the areas of both patent granting and IT tools. You will be involved in optical calculations, Python object programming and data mining.

Compensation and Benefits
This directorate drafts and advises on policies related to staff compensation and benefits and helps manage the EPO's various social security schemes. You will assist in the development of advanced analytics models including designing and creating the necessary data marts.

Technical Services cross-site
This unit is responsible for the development of future smart building requirements, energy management, security installations and digitalisation of facility management services. You will support the unit's digitalisation process.

Technical Services
This unit is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the EPO's buildings and facilities.
You will be involved in technical documentation management, digitalisation and process improvement.

European Patent Academy, IP Programme, Innovation Support
The European Patent Academy co-ordinates and designs the EPO's external training activities. The Innovation Support programme is designed for innovators in small and medium-sized enterprises in particular. Your role as trainee will be to help create training activities covering topics such as technology commercialisation and suitable patent protection.

Patent Knowledge Promotion, PATLIB
This unit co-ordinates the EPO's dialogue with all its stakeholders in the area of patent information. Currently, it is focused on the PATLIB 2.0 project, which seeks to boost the support network, IP guidance and technology transfer across all member states. You will assist the elaboration of specific measures aimed at enhancing the technology transfer and business aspects of the service portfolios in patent information centres.