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Data privacy policy for job applicants (European Patent Office)

1. General
The privacy of job applicants is important to us. We take every precaution to protect your personal information.

The personal data you provide in your application and otherwise as part of the recruitment procedure, including data in any attachments you load into the system, hereinafter referred to as "data", will be held and processed solely for the purposes of our recruitment procedure.

At the initial stage of the procedure, your personal data will be collected and processed only to the extent necessary for us to be able to reply to you.

If your application is successful, the data will be used for our pre-employment screening check, which is conducted by an external service provider. Your written consent (letter of authorisation) will be requested beforehand. 

This electronic job application site is run by the European Patent Office as the operator.

2. Data storage
Your data will be stored in a database operated by a provider located in Germany.

3. Data access
To ensure proper operation of the system, only selected EPO staff members responsible for conducting the recruitment procedure will have access to your data. If necessary, your data may also be transmitted to external service providers, who support the EPO in its recruitment procedures and who are subject to the European regulations on data protection.

Your data will be protected against unauthorised access through encrypted transmission and storage, a role and authorisation concept, a data backup concept and physical security measures for the servers.

4. Data accuracy
You are responsible for ensuring that the personal data you provide is truthful, correct, non-ambiguous and up to date. You can amend and update your account to ensure the accuracy of your data. 

5. Processing and deleting your personal data and CV
You can view, change or delete your curriculum vitae and all personal data stored in your candidate profile at any time in this job application site. You can also delete your user account on the applicant portal at any time via the “Delete Profile” button. Please note: deleting your user account will lead to your withdrawal from all activated and unfinished application procedures.

If you do not delete your profile, your personal data will remain stored for up to twenty-four (24) months, starting from the last modification date or date of activity in the profile, so that you can re-use them should you apply for other vacancies at the EPO. If you do not modify your data or apply for another job with us during this twenty-four month period, your data will automatically be deleted. When this happens, our applicant portal will retain only anonymised data for internal statistical purposes.

6. Contact information
If you have any questions concerning the personal data you have submitted, please contact us at