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Receive an outstanding salary and unique benefits

The EPO is an equal opportunities employer. We provide our staff with the chance to build long-term careers and offer one of the most comprehensive and family-friendly benefits packages in Europe.

EPO pay comprises a competitive basic salary, which may be supplemented by various allowances depending on your circumstances and family situation. Salaries and allowances are covered by the EPO's internal tax system and are exempt from national income tax.

The table below gives an indication of the basic salary you can expect.

At the EPO, jobs that require similar types of education, knowledge and expertise are classified together in job groups. Each job group covers a range of grades. Every member of staff is assigned to a particular job group, and a specific grade within it. Your grade depends on your experience.

There are two career paths: technical and managerial. Both offer equal opportunities for professional development and advancement.

* After deduction of EPO-internal tax and before deduction of staff contributions to the social security and pension schemes.

Relocation and accommodation allowances

Expatriation allowance
Eligible expatriate employees receive a monthly allowance. Depending on their circumstances, it is 16% or 20% of their basic salary.

Installation allowance
The installation allowance is a single payment to new employees whose place of recruitment is more than 100 km from their place of employment.

Rent allowance
The rent allowance is paid to certain employees who live in rented accommodation at their place of employment.

Reimbursement of relocation costs
When their place of recruitment is more than 100 km from their place of employment, employees may also be eligible for reimbursement of travel expenses on taking up employment and lump-sum compensation for removal expenses.

Family allowances

Household allowance
Subject to certain conditions, the household allowance is paid to married employees or employees with dependants. It is up to 6% of basic salary.

Dependants' allowance
Subject to certain conditions, the dependants' allowance is paid to employees with children under 18 years of age or under 26 and in educational or vocational training.

Childcare allowance
Employees receive a childcare allowance to help them finance day care and crèche places.

Education allowance
Staff with children aged 0-3 are provided with financial support, which they can choose to put towards the cost of childcare. Employees receive an education allowance for children aged 4+ years, up to the end of secondary school (pre-school, primary and secondary education), as well as for children aged up to 26 years in full-time post-secondary education.  

Social security

The main components of the EPO social security system are the healthcare, long-term care and death insurance schemes.

Healthcare insurance

The EPO's healthcare insurance scheme, administered by Cigna, takes effect the day you start work. It provides cover for medical expenses for you, your spouse, your children and other dependants within the meaning of the EPO Service Regulations in the event of illness, accident and maternity.

Pension scheme and salary savings plan

As an employee of the EPO, you will be subject to the provisions of the EPO New Pension Scheme Regulations.

Employees who have completed ten or more years of service are entitled to a retirement pension. Employees who leave the EPO before completing ten years of service will receive a severance grant from the New Pension Scheme plus the amount in their salary savings plan as a lump sum with their last salary. Neither the severance grant nor the savings plan amount is subject to national income tax.

Leave and working hours

All EPO staff get 30 days' annual leave. The normal working week is 40 hours, but the EPO operates a flexitime system for all staff.

Employee Assistance Programme

The EPO offers current employees, those about to join the EPO, and their immediate family members, a free-of-charge Employee Assistance Programme. Available 24/7/365, it provides confidential and immediate access to professional support for work and private issues, including relocation assistance, counselling, legal advice and financial guidance.