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Enjoy a good work-life balance

At the EPO, staff can opt for various flexible working arrangements, including part-time work, home working and flexitime. The EPO places a strong emphasis on work-life balance as well as on the health and well-being of staff.

Whether you want to start the day with a high intensity workout, have an active lunch break or wind down with yoga, the EPO has its staff covered – regardless of where they work. We believe in the restorative power of sport and offer staff working remotely and on-site access free of charge to fitness services such as online sports classes and state-of-the-art gyms run by professional fitness providers. If you are into HIIT, Pilates, functional training or just a decent gym workout, our gyms are the right place for you. And who knows, maybe one of our colleagues will be your next gym buddy.

Amicale activities

For most new staff, joining the EPO means leaving their home town or country. Relocating to one of the EPO sites – Munich, The Hague, Berlin or Vienna – is made easier by frequent social events and a wide variety of clubs and communities where staff can get together in their free time and pursue shared interests.

Each EPO site has its own social committee ("Amicale"), which organises social activities and oversees the various clubs

Regular social events play an important role in bringing EPO staff – and their families – together. They include Christmas parties, summer festivals, music parties, after-work get-togethers, children's activities and an annual "inter-Office weekend" for staff from all four sites. The Amicale also co-ordinates all sorts of courses, covering topics ranging from languages and food and drink to fitness and sport.

So how about learning Chinese, discovering the secrets of gourmet chocolate or giving fencing a try?

Clubs and communities

Ever wanted to play in a big band or join a motorbike club? Or get together with other computer buffs and program a next-generation operating system?

There are over 90 special-interest clubs in Munich and The Hague, covering all kinds of sports, hobbies and interests. Under the umbrella of the Amicale, they offer a wide variety of social activities and contact with like-minded colleagues, and help new arrivals settle in quickly. And staff are of course always welcome to start their own clubs to share their interests with others.

Family-friendly environment

Employees receive a childcare allowance to help them finance day care and crèche places.

Unless they are nationals of the country where they are serving, employees may request an education allowance for each dependent child regularly attending an educational establishment on a full-time basis.