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Work with supportive and inspiring people from a variety of cultures

The EPO is shaped by the diversity of personalities, knowledge and cultures within it.

Our staff come from 34 countries. In total, counting their second and third nationalities, they have over 70 different nationalities. Including our three official languages, which most of our colleagues speak, they have 42 different mother tongues.

For most new staff, joining the EPO means leaving their home town or country. Relocating to one of the EPO sites – Munich, The Hague, Berlin or Vienna – is made easier by having supportive colleagues. They were in the same situation when they started and know about the value of inclusion. There are frequent social events and a wide variety of clubs and communities where staff can get together in their free time and pursue shared interests.

Our staff are truly inspiring. Patent examiners are highly qualified scientists and engineers with impressive language skills. Since they cover all fields of technology, the variety of specialist knowledge at the EPO is exciting too. Together with our employees' genuinely open mindset, this breadth and depth of expertise makes the EPO one of the most stimulating working environments.




"Going to work at the EPO is like travelling without travelling."



Azzura Chinzer, patent examiner