Electronics & Physics

As the data economy grows and the Fourth Industrial Revolution accelerates, the intense demand for semiconductors to launch 5G and expand the Internet of Things, for example, shows no sign of decreasing. The same is true of many other components and processes covered here, including those relating to artificial intelligence (AI). If you’d like to learn more about the cutting edge of a range of related technologies and have expertise in any of the following areas, this technology community could be where you realise your full potential at the EPO.

  • Technical areas

    • optics in all its forms and applications
    • sensors
    • measurements of the physical and chemical properties of materials
    • basic electronics (circuit boards, electric switches, etc.)
    • technologies related to the construction, treatment and handling of semiconductors
    • memory technologies
    • lasers
    • advanced magnetics, etc.


Check some exceptional inventors in this field: