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Healthcare, Biotechnology and Chemistry

The EPO's Healthcare, Biotechnology and Chemistry sector is primarily made up of chemists, molecular biologists, pharmacists, engineers and physicists who search and examine patent applications from all areas of chemistry and biotechnology. Examiners in the field of medical technology include engineers and experts in informatics.

The sector comprises almost 1 600 staff: 1 334 patent examiners and 245 formalities officers working in Munich, The Hague and Berlin.

Healthcare typically covers:

  • surgical and medical devices
  • diagnostic and therapeutic devices
  • prostheses and implants
  • medical informatics
  • hospital equipment

In biotechnology, key areas we cover are:

  • genome editing technology
  • immuno- and gene therapy
  • diagnostics
  • vaccines
  • industrial microbiology
  • bioinformatics

In chemistry, some of the main areas we work on are:

  • chemical and pharmaceutical compounds
  • polymers
  • petrochemistry
  • metallurgy
  • electrochemistry

 We advance cutting-edge developments in medical treatments and green technologies, extending lives and improving the environment.