Mobility and Mechatronics

The EPO's Mobility and Mechatronics sector searches and examines patent applications relating to fields including:

  • mechanics, e.g. means of transportation, machinery, engines, mechanical devices, materials processing, household appliances and 3D printing
  • classical physics, e.g. measuring and testing, materials analysis, imaging and nanotechnologies, projectors and xerography
  • construction, drilling, mining and building and water management
  • other areas, e.g. defence, turbines, pumps, heating systems, footwear, furniture and travel equipment

Most of our staff have a background in mechanical engineering; others have studied electrical, chemical or civil engineering, physics or chemistry. They work under the lead of 21 directors, most of them supported by team managers and senior experts.

Diversity and inclusion are deeply rooted in our values. Beyond our visible differences, we have diverse backgrounds, traditions, personal experiences and points of view.

Diversity is who we are and who we aspire to be. It is our strength.

And in our increasingly interconnected world, it is only appropriate that we celebrate everyone's uniqueness, every day.

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