Historically, Vienna is known as a melting pot of cultures due to its location at the intersection of western Europe and the Balkans. The rich coffee house tradition and cultural offerings of the Austrian capital are a powerful reminder of its colourful past. At the same time, the city of 1.87 million has its eyes firmly set on the future. The city on the Danube is home to many international corporations and a platform for trade and commerce.

And what about the quality of life? It's just as good as the coffee. A Mercer study of 221 world cities conducted in 2010 ranked Vienna in first place for quality of life for the second time running, thanks to its modern infrastructure, clean air and extensive public transportation system. The surrounding countryside is considered some of the most scenic in Austria. For proof, take a trip through the Burgenland region with its lush hills, historic castles and award-winning vineyards. For all outdoor activities – be it hiking, cycling or skiing – resorts are just around the corner.

More than 50 people work for the EPO in Vienna.

The EPO's office in Vienna is part of its heritage. However, according to a feasibility study conducted in 2019, its current building has reached the end of its operational lifetime. The study recommended completely redeveloping the site with a new building. Instead, the EPO has opted for a more sustainable approach of stripping the old building back to its original concrete skeleton and then reconstructing it.
In 2021, preparatory work started with the drafting of a concept design, which will guarantee the highest level ("outstanding") of BREEAM certification. Thanks to an energy-saving design, the building will also be carbon-neutral throughout its life cycle.

Colleagues in Vienna have now moved to interim offices in Postgasse 8 for the duration of the reconstruction. They occupy 50 modern workplaces, plus a number of meeting rooms. A number of colleagues are also making use of the flexibility offered under new ways of working to telework.

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